Byeol - My kinda girl [60cm ball jointed doll]
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 Manufacturer : Bom art doll
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♪ Item :  Byeol - My kinda girl [60cm ball jointed doll]
♪ Skin color : Normal
♪ Basic set (Including Items) : Doll + Eyes(16mm, random color) + Default box + Certificate
♪ Option : Make up, Clothes
♪ Manufactured by Bom art doll

Body Size

Height 60cm
Head circumference 21cm (8.3inch)
Neck circumference 9.5cm
Chest circumference 24.5cm
Weist circumference 17.5cm
Hip circumference 26.5cm
Arm length 18cm
Back length 11cm
Foot length 6.8cm
Eyes size 16mm

♪ This doll is not a limited.
♪ Because this product makes after order, customer can't cancel order since we confirm the payment.
♪ The normal making period expected   : It takes 30 business days upon recipt of payment.
♪ Delivery Period :  Takes about 5~10 days times after send out / Shipping method : EMS
♪ If you have any other questions, please use our Q&A board


Product Details | User Rating | Related Products | Product Q's    
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